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Laser cutting nominal 1.6mm 3 ply (actual 2.0mm thick)
for Alastair Rivers to Clive Henderson's plans of a 1/8 scale Short Singapore
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Laser engraving into pine and then treating with wood preservative 
Laser cut 4mm MDF parts then glued together to give some depth to the sign. The sign is 1170mm high.
Painted by fellow MADAS team member Dave Bray

Laser cut coloured 3mm acrylic parts then glued together to give some depth to the sign. Done for my fellow members of the Kapiti Aeromodellers Club Inc.
Laser cut 3mm acrylic then pressed into cuttlefish to be cast in pewter by myself.
A small manufacturing run of 10mm and 4mm clear acrylic parts ready to go out the door.
A pair of Bamboo guitar body blank and top panel after it has been machined using a custom made vacuum hold down jig on the modified Morbidelli U50. The job has been done with a combination of a 12mm, 2mm diameter end mills and a V cutter. Next the parts go to Dave Berry to put the finishing craftsmanship and with his specialist electronics to create his state of the art Bamboo Guitars.
More Coming Soon

Case Study = Takoradi – laser cut acrylic prototype to be replaced with aluminium machined parts that will be made on the Takoradi.

Case Study = Takoradi – laser cut acrylic energy chain.

Case Study = The Acrylic Lady - Using a 2D machine to make 3D items.

Examples of - Desk name plates

Examples of - Acrylic labels with paint infill

Examples of - Gecko cut video

Examples of - Engraving video